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Our website is coming soon! Meanwhile, get to know our team and contact us to learn more about what we do.

We support growth in the energy and technology sectors

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Doqaru is a pioneering business growth specialist unifying 
strategic marketing and business development. Our expertise and network in the energy and technology sectors give our clients access to knowledge, insight and other highly qualified associates.

Strategic Marketing

We develop and implement bespoke marketing and content strategies to help establish your brand and build credibility in the marketplace.

Business Development

We work with you throughout your business journey, ensuring that you get the support and business connections to grow nationally and internationally.

Discovery & Support

We work with businesses and business owners to support personal and business goals. We ensure that you get the support you require.

Doqaru offers unified business growth

We work with companies to effectively develop and establish a brand. Our approach helps you to build credibility, attract and engage your target market and make contact with your potential customers. We aim to align the messages you share online with the conversations you have offline with potential and existing customers.

Why Doqaru

“I have known Sarah and Yekemi for a long time. For any young business and its team, it is difficult to spend time doing all the things that are required to make it work. While you are likely to be desperate to develop your technology, you also have to build a strong network and market your product to the right people. Sarah and Yekemi have the talents and skillsets that will certainly help you do this.”

Robert Cowman, Engineering Director of EC-OG


Here are some stats that show why we do what we do for our clients…


B2B buyers relying on content to research buying decisions


UK startups that say generating sales is the #1 hurdle


UK startups that say marketing their product/services is the #1 hurdle

The Right Choice

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Meet The Team

Sarah and Yekemi have combined over 20 years of experience to bring a strong offering to their clients.

Sarah Downs

Sarah Downs

Director - Business Development

Yekemi Otaru

Yekemi Otaru

Director - Marketing Operations

Pam Cheyne

Pam Cheyne

Office & Admin Manager

Reach Us

If you’d like to arrange an informal chat, you can reach us with any of the contact details below.

The Silver Fin Building, 455 Union Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6DB, UK

+44 (0)1224 605977

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