Drive High Performance with Sales & Marketing Excellence

We are a sales and marketing consultancy based in the North East of Scotland. We offer strategy-led sales assessments, sales management and leadership evaluations with data-driven results. 

With our actionable insights, we can grow the sales capability of your existing team. We support you to embed the key recommendations from predictive analysis tools developed from over 24 years of research. 

Our industry knowledge and strategic marketing capabilities allow us to support the enhancement of your team’s sales strategy, processes and capabilities. 

We use our Doqaru Script Framework as the basis for evaluating, embedding and enhancing your sales and marketing outcomes to drive sales performance for your business.

Our Services

Doqaru's services are designed to assist businesses of any size at any stage in their business journey, can we assist you with:

Evaluate – identify the gaps in your sales and marketing capability

Embed – implement the recommendations and actions that drive results

Enhance – get additional support for the best possible sales outcomes

Unsure which service best suits your needs? Take our DoqaruAudit© and we can advise where our services are most beneficial to your business.