25 Ways Business Owners Can Boost LinkedIn Engagement

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25 Ways Business Owners Can Boost LinkedIn Engagement

Sarah and I use LinkedIn a lot! Between us, we have over 8,000 unique connections and we cherish this network. It’s not the largest network in the world but we are proud of the professionals that we can engage with and support as a result. Here’s how we drive engagement on LinkedIn.

We didn’t build our network overnight. It took years and a bunch of mistakes to get there. We are still not experts and we’ll never claim to be. This month, we’re delighted to share 25 things that we’ve done to boost our LinkedIn experience. We hope it helps you too!

Your LinkedIn Profile

  1.  Add a professional headshot to your profile
  2. Write a headline that highlights who and how you help
  3. Upload a banner image (add your company logo to it)
  4. Write your summary section, expanding on your headline
  5. Include at least the last 10 years of work experience
  6. Connect with customers, suppliers and collaborators in your industry
  7. Make sure your past and present roles are linked to the companies’ LinkedIn business page
  8. Add videos and presentations to your profile to showcase your products and services

Driving engagement on LinkedIn - Business Development & Marketing - Doqaru Limited

Your LinkedIn Activities

  1. Write one status update a day (e.g comment on a trending topic, share your blog, ask a question)
  2. Leverage the use of videos to build engage (e.g introduce yourself via a LinkedIn video, give an update on a project, provide insight about something you know/have learned)
  3. Write a LinkedIn article once a month and reply to comments on your posts in a professional and timely manner
  4. When writing status updates, tag people in your 1st-degree network that might have an opinion and/or knowledge about the topic
  5. Celebrate other people’s success with supportive comments and post so that it’s not all about you
  6. Have a sense of humour (but make it appropriate for a professional audience)
  7. Use relevant hashtags in your posts. For business owners, #business #inspiration and one for your location works well e.g. #Scotland
  8. Create a hashtag for your business. It acts as an index so people can search for specific content by you. Ours is #wearedoqaru for business and I use #YOstories for personal updates


Your LinkedIn Network

  1. Follow your customers’ business pages and engage positively with their posts
  2. Follow influencers that don’t know you but you’d like to learn from. Then engage positively with their posts and updates. These people usually have over 30,000 connections, which is the cut off on LinkedIn. After this point, you can only follow them (not connect)
  3. If you’re new to LinkedIn or you haven’t already done or it’s been a while since you’ve done so, introduce yourself to your network in an update. Tell them what you do and how you can help them
  4. If you’ve added tons of new connections recently, invite your network to introduce themselves and what they do in a comment below your update
  5. Endeavour to write a short introductory note along with a connection request. But never sell.
  6. Be the first to give useful information and resources for nothing. It comes back to serve you when you need the same support
  7. Keep to your area of expertise with your comments and article, always seeking to add value
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Your Employees on LinkedIn

  1. Encourage your employees to link their profile to your company page
  2. Give your employees a social media policy that allows them to participate positively on LinkedIn with clear guidance on how they should conduct themselves

We hope you’ve found these guidelines useful for developing your LinkedIn experience as a business owner. If you have more to add or you have any questions, tell us in the comments! And don’t forget to share this post with your network 😊

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