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building rapport

Building Rapport for a Successful Sales Relationship


By: Sarah Downs

Posted on: 07/09/21

In sales, it is essential to build relationships, but it takes time. Rapport is the art of building a personal connection with someone. It requires emotional intelligence and strong interpersonal skills. I learned how to build rapport as a nurse, but it helps me in my sales career. In both sales and nursing, we have […]

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psychological safety doqaru

3 Ways that Conversations Drive Psychological Safety at Work


By: Yekemi Otaru

Posted on: 10/08/21

Something wasn’t right. I shared my concerns with one of the team leaders about what was happening in the group. His response suggested that I keep my worries to myself, as he reveals: “You’ll be seen as a troublemaker if you bring that up!” I didn’t feel safe afterwards and always felt like I had […]

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