Before implementing any strategy and tactics, we ensure that we have a good understanding of your business and market environment. We do this in the Evaluate stage.


Doqaru works with you to embed the recommendations and actions from the Evaluate stage. We help you set out a strategy, associated KPIs and the systems and processes needed. Some of the recommendations could include sales leadership coaching, sales process creation and sales & marketing strategy. Therefore, we can answer several questions for your business including:

  • How do we reach the decision makers?
  • How do we improve our sales culture?
  • Do we have a sales process that works?
  • Can we support our leadership to have a more positive impact on sales?
  • What are the short-term priorities for accelerated growth?

Within Embed, we’ll cover the following areas:

  • The D.R.A.F.T Strategy Blueprint where we create a strategic plan for reaching your business goals
  • The S.M.A.R.T Process Toolkit allows us to support you in implementing key sales, business development and marketing processes with the business
  • The AAAA Team where we offer sales coaching and support to your team

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