Can your sales go further? 

Doqaru works with you to identify the gaps in your sales capability. We’ll deep dive into your strategy, your team, your target industry. Therefore, we can answer several questions for your business including:

  • Can we generate more new business?
  • Can our sales cycle be shorter?
  • How motivated are our salespeople and what motivates them?
  • Are we going where our potential customer hang out?
  • Do we have the right people in the right roles? 

    Sales Team Evaluations Doqaru

    Within Evaluate, we’ll cover the following areas:

    • The AAAA Team where we perform predicative sales team evaluations using a predictive data-driven tool such that we can provide recommendations with evidence of its impact on your business
    • The 7Ps of Technical Communications. Here we will review your target market and define your ideal buyers to create the right content for engagement
    • The Industry DNA. We share insight into the industry, highlight supply chain structures, key players and relevant resources to give you the best chance of engaging with the market

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