Doqaru Kickstart: An Interview with Alex Thom

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Doqaru Kickstart: An Interview with Alex Thom

As part of the Kickstart Scheme, Alex Thom joined us in May this year as our Executive Assistant. She has been a fantastic assistant to the Directors, Sarah Downs and Yekemi Otaru. Alex works part-time and has been training with Citation Professional Solutions as part of the Kickstart scheme requirements. The sessions have included many different topics such as time management, communication skills, job hunting, CV work, and mock interviews.

Alex’s kickstart employment comes to an end next month, and we’ve decided to keep her on. Alex will move to a different permanent position where we believe she will continue to add value and develop. In this blog, Alex discusses what lessons, skills and experiences the kickstart scheme has given her so far.

You started at Doqaru through the Kickstart scheme almost six months ago, share your experience so far?

My experience working through the kickstart scheme has been very positive. I’ve had a lot of guidance for what to do, and this was probably one of the first jobs I’ve had that’s been more admin based. I felt a little bit out of my depth when I started, but I’ve had a lot of help going through this. Everyone’s been so welcoming and so accommodating to me, and I appreciate it.

What made you interested in taking part in the Kickstart scheme at Doqaru?

I graduated from university in 2020, and I found it difficult to find a job after leaving school. The kickstart scheme was an excellent opportunity for me. The application criteria was for people around my age bracket who were in the same situation as me. I felt that I could put my skills forward, and I felt like I just had more chance of finding a suitable position through the kickstart scheme.

As part of the scheme, you have started one-to-one training with Citation Professional Solutions, what has been the biggest lesson so far?

The biggest lesson I think I’ve learned from the citation training has been to not be afraid to change up your CV or change how you do things when applying for jobs. At first, I was quite set in the ways I would be applying for a job. But doing the training has opened my eyes and allowed me to take other people’s opinions on board. It has shown me that there is more than one way to apply for a job.

What skills and experience do you feel you’ve gained at Doqaru?

So far, I have gained a lot of skills and experience working at Doqaru. I would definitely say the main one would be taking responsibility. This job has given me a lot more responsibility than some of my previous roles and, I appreciate the fact that if I need to get something done, it is my responsibility to find the most effective way to do it. I think it’s preparing me for any roles I have in the future. I now know to take care of my own responsibilities and work on them myself, without a lot of supervision.

Could you describe the culture at Doqaru in three words?

I would describe Doqaru’s company culture as relaxed, welcoming, and innovative.

What do you want to achieve after the Kickstart scheme has ended?

After the Kickstart scheme has ended, I would like to put everything I’ve learned in my training and my job to good use. Some key skills are interviewing skills and CV writing. I am constantly working on my CV to keep improving it for any other role I apply for in the future. I want to continue up the career ladder, broaden my skills and keep learning to find different positions that suit my abilities and push me a little more.


Alex’s work is critical at Doqaru, ultimately she saves us time and reduces the stress of running a business. We look forward to watching Alex grow into her new position and learning new skills along the way.

Connect with Alex and keep updated with her journey with us through her LinkedIn profile.

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