DoqaruCon 2020: Conference Content

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Yekemi Otaru

DoqaruCon 2020: Conference Content

DoqaruCon is an inspirational industry conference focused on professional and personal growth in the energy sector.

We at Doqaru launched our very first Sales Development Conference in Aberdeen on March 5th, 2020. It was a phenomenal day with almost 200 delegates, 29 speakers and 15 exhibitors from across the UK’s energy sector and beyond.

There’s an overview of the speakers and agenda for the day on the DoqaruCon 2020 page. In short, it was a day of learning, insight, networking and revitalisation.

A huge thank you once again to the DoqaruCon sponsors!

We’ve had such good feedback and we are delighted that our attendees got huge value. Here are a few comments so far📨:

“I can’t remember the last time I was at a conference that was that engaging, insightful and thought-provoking…”

– Anthony Cooke, Regional Business Development Manager, Expro

“Totally engaging and informative from the outset…”

– John Butler, Business Acquisition Manager at Wood

“The reception [to the talks] has been unbelievable. I can’t believe how engaged everyone was!”

– Mark Wright, MD at Climb Online

We brought together a mix of motivational speakers, successful entrepreneurs, experienced business professionals, and key influencers.

This course contains some of the content from DoqaruCon 2020 and we hope that attendees and those that missed the conference benefit from what was a truly inspirational day for the attendees.

You’ll get 60-sec free previews of the keynote speakers. To watch all FULL videos, please access the paid content when prompted.

What is the best way to use this content?

This course contains a total of 13 out of the 29 speakers that were at DoqaruCon 2020. We encourage you to get as much value from it by:

  • Listening and making notes of the most important/impactful information
  • Sharing the link to the course with colleagues, associates and friends that might benefit
  • Practising what you’ve learned as you drive towards your personal and professional goals
  • Coming back to the content ANYTIME you need a reminder

Reasons why you might want to purchase this course:

  • You want insight on the importance of Digital Marketing and how to get REAL traction in your marketing efforts – Mark Wright talks on this (He is the BBC “The Apprentice” 2014 Winner & MD at Climb Online, the UK’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency)
  • You’re a leader that wants to motivate and achieve success through your team during difficult and disruptive times – Chris Paton‘s talk is on this (He is MD at Quirk Solutions & Ex-Director of Afghanistan Strategy & Plans, UK Ministry of Defence)
  • You’ve had your fair share of disappointment in business but you know that resilience is the key. It’s time for you to be inspired – Rob Moore talks about his personal experience of rejection and resilience, including a hard-hitting story of his father’s business and personal journey.
  • You need to communicate and sell the value of your products and services to multiple buyers who are members of a complex decision-making process in the buying organisation – Yekemi Otaru talks on this (She is MD at Doqaru & has held engineering, technical sales and marketing roles in Fortune 500 companies)
  • Is unleashing your greatness possible? If this is a question that you’d like to answer as an employee and/or a leader, listen to Joseph Di Bennardo, Business Development Manager at Climb Online and Motivational Speaker Extraordinaire
  • You care about building and sustaining your company’s culture
  • These are difficult times in your industry and you’d love to be inspired and re-energised.

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