Growing Through Franchising

Yekemi Otaru

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Yekemi Otaru

Growing Through Franchising

About Sarra

As Managing Director, Sarra leads SmartPA in its quest to inspire, educate and empower people to become financially independent. An experienced global business leader, Sarra has led multiple operations across the finance sector and has directed learning and development contracts for Governments & Global Corporations.

Sarra is passionate about people and how they perform. Her dedication and attention to the link between personal happiness and quality customer service make for a seamless brand experience.

SmartPA is the leading expert within the PA, Secretarial and Administrative sector. We deliver efficient and effective remote business support services globally via our SmartPA Partnership network.

Podcast Episode Overview

We talk to Sarra about her career journey and her role at SamrtPA. We discuss the company’s growth over the last few years and how it identifies and supports its franchisees. Sarra shares her view on cultural fit and some insight on experience at overcoming the challenges that franchising can bring. If you’d like to keep up with SmartPA’s journey, visit their website at



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