Growing Through Mergers and Acquisitions – Part 1 (The Acquirer)

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Yekemi Otaru

Growing Through Mergers and Acquisitions – Part 1 (The Acquirer)

General Podcast Introduction

Doqaru Sofa Chats is a series of informal chats with business leaders and entrepreneurs discussing start-ups, scale-ups, leadership and resilience and what it means for the ever-changing world of business. Your hosts are Yekemi Otaru and Sarah Downs, co-founding directors of Doqaru. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Doqaru is a strategy-led sales growth specialist working with energy and technology companies to provide their strategic marketing, content marketing, sales development and business development needs.


About Steven Dunbar

Steven Dunbar joined Global Resource Management Ltd as a Business Analyst in 2012 (now part of Envoy & Partners). Since then, he has risen to Managing Director of a number of the acquired businesses. Steven is experienced in identifying companies with potential for acquisition and spends his time getting to know the owners/directors of the businesses, ensuring not just an economic fit but all a cultural fit. The businesses he currently manages are Global Resources, specialist suppliers of all personnel to Drilling Contractors; Maris Subsea, a recruitment specialist in the Renewables Subsea market; TCS, a training and competence specialist and Expertec Recruitment, a specialist in trades and engineering recruitment.

Podcast Episode Overview

We talk to Steven about his career journey and his role at Envoy & Partners. We discuss the company’s growth over the last few years and how it determines which companies to acquire. Steven shares his view on cultural fit and some insight on experience at overcoming the challenges that emerge during and after an acquisition. If you’d like to keep up with the Envoy & Partners journey, visit their website at

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