DoqaruCon Speaker – How Sales Has Changed in the Oil & Gas Industry

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DoqaruCon Speaker – How Sales Has Changed in the Oil & Gas Industry

In this episode of Doqaru Sofa Chats, we talk to Mark LaCour, the Founder of the Oil & Gas Global Network (OGGN), speaker and renowned podcaster about how sales has changed in the industry.

About OGGN

OGGN is a media company totally focused on the Oil and Gas industry. They are leading the way with the goal of getting the industries stories told accurately, and with a passion. OGGN have a very large global audience of people who work in Oil and Gas and provide valuable, useful and honest content to the future leaders.

About Mark

Mark has sold over $305 million to the Oil & Gas industry during his time in sales. He worked in senior account management roles at Forrester Research, IntraPoint and AT&T. With over 2,200 meetings with almost every oil & gas company that you can name, Mark has done business in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the UK, Middle East, Mexico, Canada, Norway, Scotland, Brazil and the US. Now with over 780,000 subscribers to his Oil & Gas podcast.


In this podcast, Sarah and Mark discuss how the role of sales and business development has changed in the Oil and Gas industry over the years, from educating the buyer to the importance of insight selling.  Sarah asks Mark about his own experiences and career history to paint a picture of why he is so passionate about sharing stories and insight with others around the world.  Mark will be launching his new podcast live from the DoqaruCon stage and they discuss the topics that will be covered.



To listen to the full episode go to – https://www.buzzsprout.com/651298/2803237

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