You started at Doqaru in March. Can you tell us more about your role as Operations Manager?

As operations manager, I feel my job is to be like the conductor of the orchestra. Every team member is a virtuoso player in their own discipline/instrument. However, to ensure we are all playing from the same music score, I’m there to keep everyone on time, play their part at the right time, and produce a stand-out performance every time.

Since joining the team, I’ve worked to ensure we have regular meetings so that we are all aware of what we’re working on. I work closely with Pam on our QMS to understand where we are in our quality processes and what we need to do to ensure compliance with our ISO 9001 Certification. Part of this is making the team aware of our need for continual development. My experience from previous roles allows me to bring in structure and process to help make us more effective, efficient and consistent.

The team make Doqaru. In order to develop as a company, my role is to improve our people and make sure they have the right skills for what we provide to our customers. The team all have an amazing go-getting attitude and I really enjoy working with the Doqaru family. I’m enjoying the fresh challenge of working with a great young team. I’m learning new tricks and using my experience to guide the team and bring commercial savvy to the group.

How would you describe the culture at Doqaru?

The culture here is “can-do”, and the energy, enthusiasm and engagement with customers are fantastic. Everyone works well as a team to keep our customers happy. To work in a team this size, everyone realises their part to be done and pushes themselves to get it done. The team is really supportive. Since joining, I have felt like one of the Doqaru family, I have been made welcome and that has meant a great deal.

Doqaru and the team live by their values. They are passionate about what they do, are progressive in bringing the company forward, and should be extremely proud of what they have achieved as a young organisation. The team is everything and has been nurtured to bring the best out of everyone. There is a fit where the team has been built to have complementary traits and abilities. Every one of them plays their part passionately. Sarah and Yekemi have built the team through trust and respect and the team reciprocates that.

The culture in Doqaru is that of belief. We can, we will!

doqaru derek operations manager

What would you say your most significant achievement has been so far?

I would like to think that my most significant achievement has been fitting right in, getting on, and doing my job. But also allowing Yekemi and Sarah to continue to drive the company forward by doing what they do best.

When I first came in, I wanted the team to feel comfortable asking for advice and information. As a newcomer to Doqaru, it feels good to now feel that.

How can your experience in previous roles positively affect how Doqaru operates?

My experience from a people, commercial and financial perspective can bring some gains to our operational game at Doqaru.

I’ve always been a people and relationship person. As a manager, building strong relationships with my previous teams and customers and from my time in sales in previous roles has been key in my career.

I believe that building a strong team at Doqaru and having the right people with the right mindset is how I’m positively affecting Doqaru.

Working with a young team and mentoring and guiding them is really rewarding. It’s a two-way street, meaning I also get something back from them. I love the energy they give.

Commercially I’m aware of areas within the business that help to drive consistency through driving processes and procedures to ensure we deliver on time and on budget. Making sure the balance between Doqaru’s needs and our customer’s requirements is given top priority.

Financially I’m able to keep us efficient and effective as an organisation, again allowing Yekemi and Sarah to focus on what makes the most sense for the business going forward. I’m also there to be a sounding board for strategic options too. My MBA in strategic management from RGU means I can add experience and knowledge in business from academic and practical situations.

What are you most looking forward to as your role develops at Doqaru?

I’m looking forward to helping grow the team and the business as a whole. I want to ensure that we develop the team organically and strategically by working with people and creating an environment for everyone to succeed.

I’d like to make Doqaru accessible for others to join and fit in straight away, ensuring structure, culture and all the bits in between are the right fit for us and potential starters. I’d also like to ensure we are a diverse and inclusive employer giving opportunities for personal and professional development that Doqaru can be renowned for.

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