You’ve been with Doqaru from the very start. What was your career history like prior to Doqaru?

My journey into work started as a Neurosurgeon’s PA/secretary. I studied at college for this, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the right path for me. I then worked in a solicitor’s office in Aberdeen as an office junior, where I got a lot of hands-on experience in the cash room. This led me to study accounting and finance for my HNC & HND.

From there, I moved on to the oil and gas sector, where I dealt with accounts, credit control, expenses, and month-end reporting for UK & overseas companies. I stayed in the oil and gas sector for around fifteen years with Schlumberger and then Technip, where I was made redundant after going on maternity leave with my daughter, Erica.

After that, I returned to the renewables sector as a finance and office manager. It only lasted a year before I was sadly made redundant again. With that in mind, I wanted a career change and started care and nursing work in a home, giving back, and spending my time with the elderly.

How did you end up joining Doqaru?

I soon realised that care and nursing weren’t for me and that my niche was in finance and an office environment. Yekemi had advertised a role for YO! Marketing (Yekemi’s previous business before joining forces with Sarah Downs Ltd). It was an admin and finance role and from the word go, Yekemi and I hit it off, leading me to where I am now, working at Doqaru Limited with all you lovely lot. ?

How has Doqaru changed over the following years?

Doqaru has grown so much, and not only in a business sense. The employees continue to grow professionally and personally, learning on the job and from the management team. Growth has been significant, steady, and certainly interesting, moving into new sectors and taking on much bigger clients. Listening to staff and understanding what’s needed to thrive and grow is so important.

Pam Cheyne

What are the key responsibilities of your role at Doqaru?

Currently, my main responsibilities are being the PA to the directors and Chancellor of the University of West Scotland. I keep them informed, ensuring their diaries are always up to date, interacting with clients and suppliers. Finance administration is another side of the business I take care of, ensuring the day-to-day finance is continually updated. I produce monthly reports and I make sure that bank reconciliations are done effectively and on time. I also work closely with Derek, our Operations Manager, on quality and ISO admin. Doqaru gained ISO 9001 accreditation very early on in the business and we are committed to keeping in line with ISO standards.

What is the best thing about your job?

I can’t pinpoint one best thing as there are many. I love every single part of it. From engaging with suppliers, clients and staff and being the first port of call between clients and the directors is an important part.

Doqaru is a flexible company to work for, which helps me balance a healthy work and personal life around my children, which I appreciate.

The flexibility, support, range of work, people and culture are all aspects I enjoy most about working at Doqaru.

How would you describe the culture at Doqaru?

Our culture is of shared beliefs between the directors and all employees. It’s communicated and reinforced through various methods, shaping everyone’s perceptions, behaviours and understanding. We’re a team, not individuals. It takes a team to be the best! We like to make the right decisions not only for us as a company but for our clients as well. We want to learn along the way and take on challenges, working on what’s important in a timely manner.

What has been the biggest challenge the company has faced over the past four years?

I think the biggest challenge has been COVID! However, Doqaru has risen above it and with the whole team working together. The team adapted well to working from home, but our daily check-ins and weekly business catchups helped us through. I am so proud of how we have managed this.

The next wee while isn’t going to be great for many businesses. The economy will be hit hard again – but if we can see a future and work towards a common goal, it makes a huge difference in getting there and succeeding.

How do you see Doqaru over the next five years?

I see Doqaru being simply the best, top of the board. A company that people will want to work for, with clients and suppliers who want to be associated with us. Doqaru will be the best, but this will only happen if we have a great team to support it!

Those who will work at Doqaru over the next 5 years will be proud of what we have achieved and how much it has grown and has overcome.

I’m certainly looking forward to the next five years!!!

What would you say to someone looking to start a job with Doqaru?

Come and join a fantastic company that will help you grow professionally and personally. You will feel like part of the family.  Doqaru has a great work ethic and culture, with a bright future.


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