B2B marketing strategies are notoriously harder to crack compared to B2C. But, both markets are merging into what some call H2H (Human-to-Human). Good news for B2B! It means that the strategies we use should focus on engaging people – humans. To some extent, we can disregard the big bad business world and fix our eyes on the people that need our solutions. This blog will share B2B strategies that work right now for engaging and acquiring new customers.

Last June, I wrote about long-term and short-term marketing strategies. Long-term strategies are activities like content marketing and organic SEO, for instance. Short-term strategies include paid ads. To get new customers, I see a trend towards a longer-term strategy. Content marketing, Opt-in/invite-only virtual events and social media communities are the most effective B2B strategies in 2021.

B2B Marketing Strategies: The Power of Content

Content marketing is a powerful strategy for B2B customer acquisition. It can nurture brand loyalty, open doors to critical resources and enable high-user engagement. Some say content can turn prospects into a new client. Relevant content remains the number one way to drive thought leadership in your marketplace. Identify the relevant social channels for your business and create a content marketing plan. The top B2B social channels are LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Pick 1-2 and laser-focus on creating content that does well on each platform.

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Companies are investing heavily in content creators and content specialists. A 2019 SEMRush report reveals that 78% of companies have one to three content specialists in their marketing team, from writers to video editors. Furthermore, according to a HubSpot report, 70% of marketers actively invested in content marketing in 2020.

To measure the success of your content marketing efforts, track these stats:

  • Website traffic
  • Total new sales
  • Content engagement

B2B Marketing Strategies: Opt-in Virtual Events

Private opt-in virtual events grew in the last year. You probably got hundreds of invites to webinar and workshops. The idea is simple – gather like-minded people together and discuss a common-interest topic. These people opt-in by signing up with an email address that you can use to contact them later. You know they are interested in what you do, so they are a warm lead. Private virtual events allow you to reach a wider audience compared to in-person events.

Moreover, they enable you to ask your prospects questions, which might not feel comfortable talking in public about their challenges. These prospects might share vital information with you in a private event. For this reason, private opt-in events are excellent for B2B companies that want to increase their customer acquisition rate. The right kind of events will let you share your best examples of how you help your customers and openly discuss your prospects needs and concerns. Platforms like Eventbrite make it easy to schedule and market your virtual events. Zoom and Howspace are fantastic to hold the event. Howspace is particularly good for interactive events with surveys, word clouds and automatic summaries, thanks to its AI technology.

To measure the success of your virtual events, track these stats:

  • Number of registrants
  • Number of attendees
  • New leads

B2B Marketing Strategies: Like-minded Social Communities

Topic communities are among the most powerful social media tools. If you want to build a connection-based marketing strategy that drives revenue, topic communities are by far the most effective way to do it. For B2B businesses, setting up a community impact is essential for continued success. Achieving better results with customers through extended relationships can generate targeted leads, make potential customers aware of your capabilities and keep current customers in the loop. Communities speed up trust-building and significantly boost customer acquisition, loyalty, and retention. At Doqaru, we have built our community on our app.

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One of the best platforms for building communities is Clubhouse. It’s a new audio-only app that has created a lot of buzz in the last few months. I wrote the fast-growing app last month so check it out. Other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn provide the opportunities to create interest/topic-specific groups. Facebook groups do better than LinkedIn groups, which is tough for B2B businesses. Clubhouse is one to consider if your customers don’t hang out / they don’t have buying intent on Facebook.

To measure the success of your community, track these stats:

  • Number of active followers
  • Community growth rate
  • Engagement rate

The power of the internet is the ability to share information instantly and engage on multiple marketing channels. For B2B businesses, it could be overwhelming to identify what is working for customer acquisition. Yet, a 2020 Hootsuite report notes that 73% of all marketers rank “increased acquisition of new customers as their top outcome for social in 2021. These three marketing strategies emerge as some of the most successful for B2B companies.

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