This blog is written by Commsbank, a communications company based in Aberdeen. Commsbank provides practical support by fulfilling the role of a communications manager and by coaching your staff in internal and external comms. They offer two bespoke services, the bank (comms) and the vault (coaching), providing a breath of fresh air and inspiration to both your messaging and your staff.

The Copywriter’s Highway Code is essential reading for wordsmiths. The aim of the Highway Code is to promote efficiency on the keyboard whilst also supporting a creative, curious, and research-driven journey. Knowing and applying the rules can significantly reduce writer’s block and minimise the number of mistakes. While the Highway Code contains extensive blog-writing advice, Commsbank, the communication specialists, have given some pointers in the right direction.

🔴 The Map

Maps are the blueprint of history and information. They are functional tools that allow us to figure out where we are and where we want to go. By having an in-depth conversation with a client, we can map out their copywriting needs, challenges, and objectives – and plan a strategic route moving forward.

🔴 Directions

After mapping out the route and adding blogs to the agenda, we ask locals for directions. By organising a fifteen-minute call with employees mindful of the topic in question, we can fill the tank with expertise and boot with technical jargon.

🔴 Twists and Turns

While our discussion allows us to explore key information such as the objective, intended audience and call to action, we also encourage conversation off the beaten track. Who knows what’s around the corner? By asking the right questions at the right time, we might discover an unexpected story.

🔴 Tourist Information Centre

It’s time to visit the Tourist Information Centre. From taking a virtual tour of the client’s website and social media accounts to researching topical points of interest, reliable online resources are information goldmines that fuel copy with facts.

🔴 The Road

Before we hit the road, we populate our primary and secondary research into the Sat Nav (or Word document!). By organising our main points into a strategic writing plan, we can keep our eyes on the road, confident that we’re headed in the right direction.

Further advice on the Copywriter’s Highway Code can be found here

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