You started at Doqaru 1 year ago. Can you tell us more about your role as Communications & Social Media Coordinator?

I started at Doqaru as the Executive Assistant to both Yekemi and Sarah. After six months, my role progressed to Communications & Social Media Coordinator. My days are spent creating and scheduling content for Doqaru and conducting research to keep up to date with any news that the team might find useful. I work closely with our Marketing Team Leader, Sarah Dickie, who approves posts and copy for our social platforms before they are published. I also ensure that our internal communications run effectively. By collating minutes from team meetings, I ensure that internal tasks between the team flow openly. My role has allowed me to gain more responsibility and use my passion for creativity more freely, which I love! Though I work less with clients directly in this role, I get to communicate with our online community.

My background is mainly creative and musical. After studying Popular Music at University, I did find it very challenging to find a job. With the added difficulty of graduating in the midst of a pandemic, I felt at a bit of a loss. I came across the Exec Assistant position at Doqaru and applied straight away. Though my course gave me many transferrable skills, I had very little to no experience in an administrative role. Yekemi and Sarah were accommodating and gave me all of the training I needed. I find writing rewarding as a songwriter, whether in songs or short-form content like social posts. During my University course, I also ran marketing campaigns for myself and other artists. I enjoyed the aspect of digital marketing and have always been passionate about working in a creative and digital role.

What do you like the most about working at Doqaru?

I love the flexibility at Doqaru! I have a lot of creative freedom in my role, which I really value. When creating, I find that having a guideline I can stick to always helps me excel and create the best possible outcome. Our Marketing Team Lead, Sarah, has helped hugely when giving me ideas and topics to run with, allowing me the creative freedom to produce what I find fits our culture best.

The work at Doqaru is also hybrid-based, meaning I can have the convenience of working at home and still benefit from the social aspect of office work. Sometimes it is easier to hold meetings face to face, and it’s helpful to be with people from time to time. Having never worked in an office before, I found hybrid working extremely valuable (especially for those days when I don’t feel too sociable and prefer to be alone!).

Generally, I am a really sociable person; however, it can sometimes be detrimental as I love to talk! Though I can sometimes be a distraction to myself, I value being able to receive help then and there if I need it. It also allows me to take little breaks from work and keep my overall motivation high.

Alex Thom communications & social media coordinator

How would you describe the culture?

Everyone was so welcoming at Doqaru! Being in a hybrid work environment, I wasn’t sure how well I would get to know the team since I didn’t see everyone every day. But the time that I did get to spend with the team in my first few weeks made an impact and made me feel like part of the team.

I also think the culture is quite laid back at Doqaru. Though there is the pressure to deliver work on time, if I need a bit more help or time to solve a problem, I know that I have that assurance there. I think having a healthy balance of stress makes me the most productive.

What is your favourite type of work to do at Doqaru?

My favourite work at Doqaru is probably writing for our social platforms. I love using words to communicate important topics. I tend to write about personal topics when songwriting, so writing business posts for Doqaru is a pleasant change.

Creative writing and using my imagination to think of amusing ways to present information were things I enjoyed at school. Coming up with the initial topic would sometimes be a challenge if I wasn’t feeling creative, but the writing flowed once I had the idea. This is still true today.

What has been your biggest “lesson learned“?

To not be afraid to speak my mind. It’s quite a common worry to be apprehensive about presenting new ideas to a team. Whether fearing it to be a silly idea, speaking in front of people or my case, it not being relevant enough.

I always have so many ideas, but that doesn’t mean they’re always lightbulb moments. Despite this, I have tried to challenge myself more and put forward my thoughts. I might not think it’s the best idea at the time, but the team might love it! Being in such a respectful and welcoming team, I have found it easier to speak up and express my opinion. The more I have done this, the easier it has become. Working in such a team has played a big role in that.

What is your biggest goal for your future professional career?

I’m someone who likes to have a solid plan. That being said, most things in life don’t always go exactly to plan. I see myself continuing down a creative path and growing my responsibilities. I’m much more of a practical and hands-on person than a logical and strategic one, and I would like to make this a focus in my future career. As I enjoy writing and creating, I would love to write for other people and myself.

I also want to feel fulfilled in my professional career regardless of what I do. Knowing I am using my creative abilities for work and efficiently supporting myself is the goal – and I think my current role is a huge step in that direction.

You mentioned your strong interest in music and developing a career in that industry. Do you feel like the work you are doing at Doqaru has helped in any way to prepare yourself better?

Of course! The skills I have gained from Doqaru have been invaluable and will help me develop a career in the music industry. I have learned to hone my organisational skills, manage my time efficiently, and develop my communication skills.

As I mentioned earlier, I now find it much easier to speak my mind and share my ideas. The music industry is heavily male-dominated, so I think it is extremely important for the women who want to work in that industry to have the confidence to express themselves and have their ideas explored.

Because Doqaru is also such a small business, it has given me insight into how a business runs and what makes it efficient. This has also helped me learn about what everyone does in the business and how they make a difference. Whichever way I choose to progress in my career, I will take this knowledge with me.

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