Our Customer Success Manager, Sam Downes, recently caught up with Sebastian Karlsson, the Sales Manager at Membrain.com, a unique Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which helps enable sales teams by reinforcing the behaviours needed to win consistently in B2B sales.

At Doqaru, we are currently implementing Membrain as it is the only CRM that truly helps salespeople. It guides you, provides you with content, prompts you to complete tasks, and is predominantly focused on coaching the sales team to greater success. So, Membrain is a vital tool in the pursuit of sales enablement as it plays an active role in sales success.

We regularly keep in touch with Sebastian and our Customer Success Manager, Katie Mathews. Sebastian and Katie continue to help facilitate our sales success at Doqaru as they have a wealth of sales experience and understand our CRM requirements.

Read on to discover why Sebastian believes salespeople need CRM that enables sellers.

What is CRM, and why should salespeople be using it?

Back in the good old days, a CRM was just pieces of paper which salespeople used to document their interactions with clients. Now, a CRM digitalises that process. It works to store information digitally all in one place, so you can have everything you need to know about clients in one place.

Without a CRM, you’re blind – you have to rely on messy Excel sheets or, worse, loose pieces of paper and memory. Today, CRMs allow sellers and sales leaders to track conversations, results and other metrics digitally, with that data being available everywhere and anywhere to multiple teams.

Why do sales teams struggle to adopt traditional CRM systems? 

If you ask most salespeople, they’ll tell you they loath inputting data into their CRM. For them, a CRM is a hindrance, an admin task they are required to fill out to show their managers that they have been working. Therefore, traditional CRMs are only crucial to sales leaders to set and evaluate metrics rather than as a tool to make salespeople’s jobs easier. Ideally, a CRM should be a salesperson’s helper, their right-hand man, the tool they rely on to help them close more deals, not a chore which is looked at grudgingly.

The value of an optimally used CRM to salespeople comes from the information it stores on both current and past conversations, opportunities and clients. To a manager or leader, the value of a CRM lies in its ability to track and measure actions, results and other metrics to compare and assess a sales team’s performance.

More than that, a well-built CRM facilitates the sales process by integrating each step into it. This, in turn, can boost performance, win more deals and facilitate the onboarding of new sellers in the business.

How does CRM enable sales?

Most CRMs are built to digitalise information rather than to enable sales. They allow salespeople to write down what happens but are not built to help salespeople sell more effectively. Whereas, Membrain was built with a vision to elevate the sales profession. We believe that how you sell matters.

A well structured CRM should help improve the sales process. Like a checklist on overdrive, it will help guide and steer behaviours. It creates a dynamic process that changes depending on what happens so that it supports salespeople and allows them to move forward.

What should you look for in a CRM?

I would answer that with a question: What drives a company looking for a CRM?

Suppose a company is simply looking to digitalise the information that’s on loose paper, or across multiple platforms in one central place. In that case, any CRM will do as that’s what they are designed for. The collected data is just a collection of information about sales, displayed in an understandable way.

But, if a company wants to achieve more than that – significant growth, for example – they will want to:

  • Scale rapidly
  • Plan for the correct resources
  • Hire new people
  • Quickly onboard staff
  • Guide new/current staff to do the right thing
  • Provide supportive coaching e.g. steer your team with how they handle objections, how they answer questions, how they suggest the following steps & involving the right decision-makers

If you’re looking for a CRM that helps you drive those behaviours, your requirements for the most suitable tool will change. You will look for a platform that is made with the ambition and vision to elevate salespeople and sales professionals to do the right things. Some CRM systems can do this if you have a big wallet and a lot of time. However, most companies don’t have the budget, so their CRM becomes a burden. Nobody uses it or it doesn’t work or both. Furthermore, many companies don’t understand how a CRM can support and enable the sales team. So what companies should be looking for in their current and potentially new CRM is more than a reporting tool, one that serves to make the entire sales team’s life easier.

How does Membrain better enable sales than other CRM platforms?

Membrain has developed the world’s first Sales Enablement CRM for teams involved in complex B2B sales. Unlike other CRMs, we emphasise that how you sell matters. We are built to cover the whole sales process, and this covers three modules – prospecting, active pipeline and account growth.

Build Your Sales Process

Membrain’s holistic approach will increase your sales effectiveness and reduce your technology spend as we simplify your sales technology stack, requiring less customisation, fewer point solutions, and a more flexible price model with Lite users. We recommend investing in strategy design, skills development, and coaching with the money you save.

Any tips for sales leaders looking to drive sales enablement?

My advice for sales leaders looking to enable sales teams is to get started with a CRM.

According to CSO Insights, four out of five sales organisations do not have a sales process. But, those who do are 28% more profitable. So, just to get started. If you do, you will be more profitable and have more effective salespeople.

Getting started with CRM will help:

  • Enable your team
  • Guide salespeople in the right way
  • Give your team the right resources and tools
  • Ensure salespeople do the right things, at the right time, and with the right people

You mustn’t assume that salespeople always know what to do. This is what traditional CRM systems do. Such systems were built to store everything digitally but were not built to enable and support salespeople. So, many people don’t use their CRM at all. Membrain solves that problem by creating an environment which supports the entire sales team by coaching salespeople through their sales process, providing in-depth analytics tools, and being more than just a space to store information.


Thank you for your time, Sebastian.

If you would like to know more, we’d love to walk you through how Membrain can help you better enable your sales team.

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