With the rise of online communication and its use in building relationships, ABB saw the opportunity to boost the capability of its workforce in using digital channels. Effective use of social media and its application to generating more sales leads are some of the reasons that ABB contacted Doqaru.

So far, we have helped close to 100 ABB sales, marketing, operations, and management teams to use LinkedIn more effectively to build relationships and generate leads.

"Doqaru's work with ABB Energy Industries has inspired Sales and Operations teams to actively use platforms such as LinkedIn. We have seen a significant increase in online interest in the business and quickly stimulated a number of promising sale leads..."

Lead Manager,
ABB Process Automation

What we did

We customised our digital sales workshop to align with ABB’s key outcomes. LinkedIn is the number one B2B platform, so we focused our efforts on boosting the teams’ knowledge and application of social selling techniques on LinkedIn.

The workshops were delivered by our directors and the content was timely, interactive and the actions could be applied immediately by the team.

Over the last few months, we went on to conduct several workshops with ABB teams based all over the global including in the UK, the US and Norway.

How it went

We started with 40 sales, marketing and management staff and we went on to support several global teams.

Today, more ABB staff are using online channels to develop relationships for the business. The business has since had a significant increase in sales leads and is working on expanding social selling techniques to other parts of its business.

We continue to work with ABB through our ongoing support services such as social selling masterminds and periodic refresher programmes to ensure that the teams are always ahead of the curve in digital sales.