About CypherCrescent

CypherCrescent is an applied research & development company with core expertise in mathematical modelling, information technology, petroleum engineering, geosciences, software development, machine learning, and capacity development.

Launched in 2012, CypherCrescent, has expanded and diversified its services across four subsidiaries that offer integrated technology services across the E&P, Education, Information Technology, and Enterprise Energy Transition industries. This has made its clientele base continue to grow, cutting across national and international companies drawn from the E&P sector, academia, and government.

With its growing client base, the company remains committed to providing cost-effective technology services and business intelligence solutions that offer a collaborative platform and improve operational excellence through optimal allocation of resources and eliminating non-productive time (NPT).


CypherCrescent engaged with Doqaru in 2019 to develop a marketing communications strategy. Before then, CypherCrescent benefited from a strong reputation based on the credibility of its senior leaders.

The next few years would bring accelerated growth, which needed more focused marketing efforts. Critical online and offline platforms like LinkedIn and events were growing in importance.

Furthermore, CypherCrescent understood that its client base has diverse needs, so it needed more target messages to attract the right opportunities. The company’s goals were:

  • Grow visibility across relevant industry platforms
  • Build credibility with decision-makers and end-users in the oil and gas industry at home and internationally


CypherCrescent collaborated with Doqaru to understand its customer journey before purchasing.

Together, we considered the existing challenges hindering desired outcomes for reservoir engineering teams. We mapped out how potential customers might be managing those challenges. For example, what were they facing in day-to-day operations, and could we quantify the benefit of overcoming such challenges?

The output of our collaboration was an actionable strategy for improving how CypherCrescent communicated its value. The strategy covers:

  1. Each step in the customers’ journey.
  2. Identifies key content themes for online and offline channels.

Also, Doqaru delivered workshops to enable the sales, marketing and business development team to use relevant social media for relationship building, personal branding and lead generation.

Over 12 months, Doqaru delivered content marketing plans to the CypherCrescent marketing team. We also acted as a mentor to the small marketing team.

The Doqaru team helped our digital marketing team build a comprehensive social media strategy and supported us in reaching our marketing goal of increasing our professional visibility, quality, and frequency of published content.

ThankGod Egbe
Technical Director at CypherCrescent


  1. The organisation’s LinkedIn audience grew from 650 followers to over 2,000 in 12 months.
  2. CypherCrescent has attracted decision-makers, influencers, and end-users in Oil & Gas companies following a strategic content plan. The company’s content is a mix of technical guides and industry and company news.
  3. The engagement rate was 3%-10% (the industry average is 1.5%).
  4. Senior leaders at CypherCrescent took more speaking opportunities at industry events such as the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

Today, CypherCrescent boasts over 8,000 followers on LinkedIn. The company leverages its growing recognition of its expertise in research and development.

For example, it recently launched a new division, CypherCrescent Learning & Development, an industry school for software training, industry certification, research, entrepreneurship, and capacity building.

In April 2022, the company’s growth led to the appointment of a new Managing Director to drive even more success over the next few years.


CypherCrescent is working with Doqaru again. This time, it’s scaling sales and marketing activities as it enters new markets in its next growth phase. Doqaru will be there to enable its teams to deliver results.