About Quirk Solutions

Quirk Solutions (Quirk) are a team of expert facilitators supporting growth and strategy using the best asset you have, your people. The team have a combined 100 years of military experience and corporate application. Drawing on deep expertise in strategy and operations, Quirk design and facilitate leadership training, embedded adaptive planning and decision-making skills for multinational organisations.

The team unlock potential across every level of your business. By revealing gaps and opportunities, Quirk approaches your issues with coaching, interactive workshops and training.
As one of Quirk’s lead facilitators notes, “Every organisation is as different as the people in it, so there are no templates to what we do.”


Quirk Solutions approached Doqaru in November 2021 and wanted to develop and implement its 12−month sales strategy. The initial plan included hiring a salesperson, but further discussions between Quirk and Doqaru led to a change of plan. The Quirk team would focus on building a strong sales foundation, such as developing and implementing processes and adopting the appropriate tools for reaching the company’s target market.

Over the last few months, Doqaru and Quirk have worked together. We’ve built and established these foundations for sustainable long-term growth.

Quirk had the following goals:

  • Revenue growth
  • A documented and viable pipeline
  • An effective selling team


We designed a holistic sales programme to set the foundation of the sales function at Quirk. The programme consists of the following elements:

  1. Sales and sales management coaching
  2. Sales strategy workshop and social selling programme
  3. Sales process (including lead generation, sales pipeline and account growth) creation
  4. Customer Relations Management (CRM) system implementation
  5. Sales competency analysis for key sellers
  6. Sales and marketing strategy alignment work (working with their chosen marketing agency)
  7. Hire, onboard and coach a sales support intern, including all recruitment and screening. This intern has had a successful 6 months and has now been offered a Full-Time employment contract.

"The team at Doqaru have all been superb. No matter who you speak to or work with, they are all hugely knowledgeable, professional, thoughtful, and considerate. They invariably go way beyond what you would expect, and as a business leader, I do not doubt that I am getting excellent value from them.
Thanks to their work with us, we have a much stronger sales capability in our business. The data-driven insights they have generated, our pipeline and markets have been outstanding."

Chris Paton
Managing Director at Quirk Solutions


Now, there’s a solid sales foundation at Quirk Solutions. The company has complete visibility of its sales pipeline and clear options for future growth. Quirk has converted several leads into sales, and tracks account growth opportunities with existing clients. Also, the company directors spend time building their personal brands. The results are more international speaking engagements and global projects.

Between December 2021 and June 2022, Quirk:

  1. Is on-track for their annual revenue goal
  2. Increased new business from out with their existing network
  3. Has a higher conversion rate due to implementing a new sales process and coaching


We look forward to Quirk exceeding its revenue, growth and organisational sales development goals. Doqaru continues to provide strategy and execution support. Our ongoing work includes sales management, deals coaching, and social selling mastery.