VARTA Storage is a global leader in battery manufacture for small-and large-scale applications. With over 130 years of experience, the company has sales teams all over the world including in Europe and the US.

One of the general managers based in Europe attended our value proposition development webinar last year. He contacted one of our directors for a discussion about how Doqaru might support the ongoing development programme for his sales teams.

We gratefully obliged.

“We are very happy to have chosen Doqaru to support us e.g. on the subject of Value Proposition. You have given us a lot of support in our understanding of our own values and also in how we convey these values to our customers. Every person and every company is different in terms of values and needs, which we can now better understand and convey to the right people thanks to Doqaru."

Fabian Beck
Sales Manager at VARTA Storage.

What we did

We designed a series of activities to support VARTA Storage. Starting with our data-driven sales evaluation tool, we gathered evaluation data from the sales team to understand the existing opportunities and gaps around core sales competencies. This “scan” of the team provided us with relevant information for building a supportive plan.

Over the next few months, we conducted value proposition workshops with the teams, checking in for 60-90 minutes each month. These workshops are aimed at instilling the agreed value proposition for each product line.
Each salesperson shared successes and challenges with applying the proposition, and we made adjustments based on feedback from the team and customers.

We also ran social selling workshops for the teams in Europe.

How it went

We started with 12 salespeople and we’ve ended up supporting 50+ in some way during 2021 and we have further work planned for 2022. The data from our sales evaluations provided an understanding of the competencies in the team and it highlighted opportunities for training and hiring too. The feedback from some of the sales team is that they are more deliberate about aligning their value proposition with the prospects’ needs.

Using social selling and video, the sales teams are getting more sustained engagement from prospects and have significantly reduced the time it takes to build relationships in an increasingly digital world.