Doqaru, a sales enablement consultancy based in Aberdeen, has formed a new partnership with ESI – a leading provider of innovative online sales training and certification solutions, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Doqaru, as it further solidifies their dedication to fostering business growth and enhancing sales performance. 


ESI is a leading force in the professionalisation of the sales function, empowering teams with superior sales education and university-grade certification. Its unique and exceptional online solution develops and certifies the skills employers require in their commercial teams today – applied on the job in real time. By joining forces with ESI, Doqaru boosts its sales enablement capabilities and access to credit-rated education programs tailored for salespeople. 

Dr Yekemi Otaru, Doqaru’s Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, shared her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We selected ESI because their offering is incredibly impactful for sales teams seeking continuous improvement throughout the year. We use our data-driven tool to identify competency gaps, and ESI integrates these insights to create tailored sales education journeys for each learner.” 

Doqaru ESI partners

One advantage of this collaboration is the opportunity for learners to obtain a Professional Diploma in Entrepreneurial Sales. The programme is credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University and has equivalence with curriculum frameworks globally.   

Geoactive, an Aberdeenshire-based digital products provider for energy companies, recently joined the growing list of companies benefitting from ESI’s exceptional sales education offering. Derek Crombie, the Managing Director of Geoactive, said, “Working alongside Doqaru and ESI, we have successfully transitioned five technical staff members into sales roles. The feedback from our team has been positive. Several individuals have already earned their first micro-credential in Entrepreneurial Sales.” 


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