Our Marketing Team Leader, Sarah Gardyne has been featured in Aberdeen Young Professional’s prestigious 30 Under 30 List!

After graduating with a PR degree from Robert Gordon University in 2019, Sarah began her professional journey at Doqaru. Her dedication to her work was evident from the start, and it didn’t take Sarah long to distinguish herself as a rising star within our organisation. Her journey at Doqaru marks continuous growth and accomplishment, and today, we proudly announce her latest achievement: Securing a spot in Aberdeen Young Professional’s 30 under 30 list.

In Sarah’s first year, she was the mastermind behind an entire marketing strategy for our first sales development conference. The same year, Sarah founded SJE Design, her graphic design side hustle. Each artwork she creates brings joy to every one of her customers.

Sarah’s drive and commitment to her work allowed her to advance to her current role as Marketing Team Lead, where she has managed freelancers and two team members. When Sarah takes on a project, like the relaunch of our website in 2021, her managerial spirit shines. Her ability to connect and collaborate is nothing short of extraordinary.

Sarah promoting her published book

Sarah’s story doesn’t stop there. She is not only a dedicated professional but also an accomplished author. Last year, she published her first book: Reactive Marketing: Best campaigns & tips for creating your own. Compiling some of the most talked about social media scandals of the past decade, Sarah consistently goes above and beyond in her work.

Sarah and her friend of 20+ years, Dr. Jessica Gomez-Banderas.

We asked Sarah about her initial reaction to being featured in the list:

“I was completely blown away when I received the email from Ross at AYP letting me know I was one of the 30 winners. Anyone who knows me knows this isn’t something I’d ever put myself up for, but am so grateful and appreciative for the nomination.”

Alongside Sarah, is her friend of 20+ years, Dr. Jessica Gomez-Banderas. She is a research scientist whose PhD research helped protect one of Scotland’s most iconic rivers – the River Dee.

We congratulate Sarah on this well-deserved recognition and eagerly anticipate her continued accomplishments. Her talent, hard work, and genuine commitment to making a positive impact are what Doqaru values.

From left to right; Dr Jessica Gomez-Banderas, research scientist, Heather Buchan, AYP Chairperson & Sarah Gardyne.

The celebration of each thriving professional on the list was held at Namaste Dehli.

The winners of the 30 Under 30 List

Sarah embodies the nature of the 30 Under 30 List, and is an inspiration to any upcoming marketers. Sarah has shown that with hard work and creative flair, you can achieve extraordinary success.