Recent research by Doqaru shows a strong link between meeting and exceeding sales targets and social media use. Digitally-savvy salespeople drive more sales than their digitally silent counterparts.

A clear social selling strategy will drive meaningful engagement from your ideal customers. Such engagement supports salespeople and could shorten sales cycles, for instance.

This November, Doqaru will be holding its third Social Selling Essentials Programme, designed for teams and individuals looking to optimise LinkedIn for business. Over two 3-hour sessions, Doqaru directors pack in all the essentials to equip sellers with robust sales strategies.

Over 400 people have attended social selling workshops with Doqaru in the last 18 months.

“[The programme was] extremely well thought out. The progressive nature of learning by building upon existing knowledge is efficient. It has also improved my ability to appreciate the perspective of the customer’s buying journey.” – Tony Page, Business Consultant at Quirk Solutions Ltd

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