Implementing a sales strategy that gets results

Once we’ve identified potential opportunities for change in the Evaluate stage, we begin to action the recommendations that will improve performance and lead to better results for your business.

Develop B2B sales processes to inspire the best outcomes

This can include creating and embedding a sales process and a sales strategy with associated KPIs; we recommend and conduct sales coaching and training.

Our recommendations will help your salespeople build stronger customer relationships and use sales tools effectively. We ensure your sales process really works and supports a culture that ultimately leads to revenue growth and more predictable sales performance. As part of your sales strategy, we craft a marketing strategy to deliver on your business goals.

Key outcomes in the Embed stage

  • 52%

    52% of companies have different value propositions for different products or services, and these companies are more successful in attracting their ideal clients (HubSpot). Furthermore, just over 75% of marketers say their campaigns are directly influencing revenue.

  • 35-50%

    35-50% of sales goes to the supplier that respond first (Inside Sales). That’s why a robust sales process that incorporates all customer touchpoints helps drive shorter sales cycles and validated sales pipeline.