Sales and Marketing is Changing and So Are We

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Yekemi Otaru


Sales and Marketing is Changing and So Are We

We’ve been in business for 20 months and like every idea, what we are has evolved. If I were to describe who we are today, it’d be something like,

“We’re a business sales consultancy focused on helping our clients effectively grow revenue. We just happen to be good at marketing.”

We’re a team of 4 staff, 2 interns and a network of amazing associates. Part of our mission is to create a place for young professionals to learn and grow so we’re hardly without interns.

Most of our clients come on board via a discovery session or a sales evaluation. These services allow us to analyse the market environment (discovery sessions) and your internal sales capability (sales evaluations). The outcome acts as input into sales and marketing strategies which we can help our clients put in place. In this blog, I’ll share how we’ve evolved as a business and 3 key lessons that have informed that revolution for Doqaru.

We’re not a marketing agency

While we have expertise in social media management, we don’t take clients who want purely social media management. There are companies out there that specialise in this service and we generally leave this to them. However, where we have an existing client that could do with some social media support, we’ll provide the service. We understand their business and objectives, so we are often in the best position to take on their social media strategy and make sure it is aligned with their sales objectives.

We aspire to an aligned sales and marketing service 

Our approach has evolved since we launched in 2018. Sarah and I came together to combine our skills in business development and marketing. We knew that we’d still have clients who wanted a simple BD service or a simple marketing service. Yet, our longer-term goal has been to offer an “aligned” service because we know how important it is. Over time, we aim for a majority of our clients to take an aligned approach, which is already happening.

Three lessons about sales and marketing informing our approach

We’ve evolved how we work based on what we’ve learned.

Sales and Marketing is Changing Doqaru

Here are 3 key lessons so far:

  • Marketing on its own doesn’t work.
    If your company doesn’t have an effective value proposition and a demonstrated sales process, marketing could bring opportunities that fall through the cracks. It can cause more damage when prospects’ expectations aren’t met.
  • Sales on its own is extremely labour-intensive without the right marketing support.
    Particularly with small sales teams, it’s almost impossible to reach the potential of your marketplace. Imagine being in a room with millions of people and being able to share your personal and business journey. Over time, they learn what you’re about and grow to like and respect your business for what it stands for. That’s what good marketing can do. Then sales become an easier and more streamlined task. People are primed and your team can deliver at their best.
  • Tactics like PR, social media, campaigns are great for short term wins.
    They could provide some long-term opportunities too. But if these activities are done without an understanding of your internal sales capability, it’s like doing brain surgery without an MRI. Or for the less medically inclined, it’s like adding salt to your food without tasting it first! So, while we can support key aspects of your sales and marketing activities, we really don’t want to do it without a “scan”.

We offer sales and marketing excellence with data-driven results

That’s why we’ve revolved how we work. We are now accredited partners of a pioneering sales assessment tool. This enables us to carry out the business MRI and provide you with predictive data-driven results. A recent project with a client led to proposed changes in their sales strategy, sales processes, team members’ job roles, sales mentoring and validated key hiring decisions. The client is already seeing significant progress within a few weeks including staff productivity and social selling acumen.

For us, it’s about the holistic growth of a business. The whole sales and marketing function need to be aligned, otherwise, it’s like putting water in a bucket with holes in it. We’re in business to stop that from happening to our clients.

If you’d like to find out more about how we work, drop me a line at insights@doqaru.com or comment below and I’ll be in touch.

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