Strategic Business Development & Marketing: What Do Doqaru Do?

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Yekemi Otaru

Strategic Business Development & Marketing: What Do Doqaru Do?

We think that you know what Doqaru do, but do you?

As a business, we assume that people know what we do at Doqaru. But sometimes, they don’t. In turn, people can be left guessing what we do. There are a few clues on our website and within our social media posts. However, there’s no harm in me making it clear what we do and what we don’t do. So here goes.

Doqaru’s key services drive business growth

Our focus is to ensure that businesses build credibility that drives new sales. What businesses say about themselves online e.g. in blogs and offline e.g. at networking events and meetings, needs to align. All business activities need to have a strong strategy to support it.


Therefore, we offer:

  • Business development support for business owners
  • Business development support for teams
  • Marketing, social media & content strategy
  • Content marketing services
  • Content writing (blogs, website copy, eBooks, whitepapers, case studies)
  • Social media management (if we write your content)
  • Target list building (actual companies you can target)
  • Masterclasses for teams (tell us what you need to cover in BD, sales, marketing, presentation skills and tenders/contracts)
  • Market research (includes market size estimations, industry insights, competitor intelligence and business case building)

We bring in the best to do the rest

While we love to focus on what we are good at, we know that our clients sometimes need other services that we don’t offer. We want to stick to our biggest strengths.

That’s why we’ve built alliances with the very best in the industry. Our relationship with experts allows us to offer more, therefore, our clients get more value out of working with us.


Through our associates, we offer:

  • Website design and development
  • SEO
  • Video animation
  • Other specific BD activities
  • Full branding and graphic design services
  • LinkedIn profile makeovers (we only do this for clients)
  • A host of industry experts in decommissioning, renewables and nuclear energy sectors
  • Contacts in the supply chain to support our clients’ goals (e.g. HR, QHSE, Legal, Accounting etc)

We typically only do website reviews, PR and social media/blog management for retained clients. We don’t offer these services as a one-off or stand-alone.

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Why business development and marketing belong together

In a recent post, How Business Development and Marketing Can Work Together,  I discuss the changing needs of customers as they go through the buying journey.

Considering that 70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before a buyer even reaches out to a salesperson, it is more important than ever that sales, marketing and business development (BD) work closely behind the scenes to facilitate this journey in alignment with a sound strategy.

BD and marketing must be separate. They must collaborate like a relay with BD and Marketing taking strategically-collected spots in the race to business growth.

What is the balance between credibility and sales?

It takes at least 12 months to reap the rewards of an aligned BD and marketing approach. This has been our experience. Indeed, success doesn’t happen in a few weeks.

It’s normal for some Managing Directors to have the following experience:

For a while, you’re building a list of targets and developing supportive relationships in your industry. You want to get your head around what the market needs. If you’re in a relationship-driven market, this is crucial.

After a few months or even years, you understand the market better. Following investment and successful trials, you have the resources to serve new clients. So, you push on marketing.

It is important to build a strong business brand as part of your marketing strategy. This allows your business to showcase your products/services, leading with your business brand.

At this point, it’s much clearer who your ideal customer is and what they care about. So, you align your website messages with what you do. Attend trade shows and take memberships with relevant industry-related bodies.

Things change but constant support is available

 Indeed, your business goals might change. Or the industry shifts and it’s time to develop relationships again. You could slow down on marketing to establish existing clients and hone your processes. Your ambitions might not be to grow over the next year. It could be to create a strong foundation for being a #1 niche player in your market. Then you put your head out from the parapet because you’re hungry for growth again.

Whether you’re starting up, diversifying into new markets or simply scaling up, we help our clients manage this “ying-yang”. All within one retainer and working with one specialist company, you can flex and change. In fact, we HOPE you change. We constantly watch the market for you, make recommendations and support you on your journey.

Now WE know that YOU know what Doqaru do 😊


If you’d like to discuss how we might support your business through a period of change or growth, please get in touch by emailing yekemi@doqaru.com or sarah@doqaru.com.

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