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Best of Google Ads

How to Get the Best Out of Google Ads


By: Doqaru

Posted on: 28/06/21

This blog is by Becca Guiller, Business Owner of RK Creative. Based in Edinburgh, RK Creative provides small and large businesses with sustainable digital marketing solutions. Her primary focus is to help her clients achieve their goals and drive sales by applying various digital tools and services, including web building, branding and design, digital ads, and social […]

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Clubhouse: A Medley of Interactive Talk Shows in a Crowded Pub


By: Yekemi Otaru

Posted on: 16/03/21

Clubhouse is a year old this month, but it’s already leading in user growth, hype and controversy. Oman just blocked the app for “not having the right permit” to operate. Other issues include China and the recent fears around data privacy. Yet, the app continues to grow. In December 2020, it had 3,500 users, including celebrities like […]

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75% of users will not scroll past page one of Google. When you consider that we search for EVERYTHING and that 90% of ALL online experiences start with typing into that little search box, can your business ignore Search Engine Optimisation? It’s crucial to content writing for your business! “The best place to hide a […]

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