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organic marketing doqaru

Is Organic Marketing Dead?


By: Yekemi Otaru

Posted on: 13/07/21

In Q1 2021, paid marketing on Google grew by 20% YoY. B2C and B2B companies spend their marketing dollars on Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram ads partly because organic marketing feels less efficient for driving traffic and engaging the right audience. Yet, organic marketing plays a crucial role in the success of paid and sponsored posts. […]

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reactive marketing campaign 2020

Best Reactive Marketing Campaigns 2020


By: Sarah Dickie

Posted on: 12/01/21

Last year, I wrote a blog on the reactive marketing campaigns of 2019. It’s still top of Google searches for  ‘Reactive Marketing Campaigns’. Louis Vuitton, Veuve Clicquot and MasterCard are a few of the companies that have read the blog. I’m delighted that the blog attracted such attention. So, this year’s edition has a lot […]

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