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Working from Home: Has the Novelty Worn Off?


By: Sarah Dickie

Posted on: 08/12/20

For many of us, three quarters of 2020 has been spent working from home. It was probably a treat to start with. No commuting, laptop on your bed or sofa. Perhaps, like me, you had infinite access to snacks! But are we still as excited about the possibility of working from home for the foreseeable […]

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starting a new job remotely during a pandemic

Five Tips for Starting a New Job Remotely in a Pandemic


By: Corey McKay

Posted on: 24/11/20

Starting a new job can be daunting at the best of times and starting a job during a pandemic is even more so. I had no idea what to expect with starting a new graduate job and the challenges working from home may bring. The experience, as expected, has been different from normal circumstances in […]

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