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Sales Leadership: 5 Ways To Motivate Your Sales Team


By: Sarah Downs

Posted on: 09/11/21

“Leaders can (and should) recognise, support and reward the heroic salesperson in a variety of ways, including encouraging and rewarding risk-taking. Tolerate a reasonable level of failure, and support those who act on bold visions.” – Andy Gole, President of Urgency Based Selling and Author of Innovate Now   The most significant difficulty, according to […]

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Why You Need Strategic and Tactical Coaching in Sales Teams


By: Sam Downes

Posted on: 12/10/21

Sales coaching helps to motivate your team and strengthen their sales skills. While sales coaching results in a more effective and productive sales team, 73% of managers spend less than 5% of their time coaching their teams. Only 50% of companies invest in ongoing sales manager training and development. Furthermore, 60% of salespeople are more […]

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