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Value Proposition

The Value Proposition Crafter Programme


By: Yekemi Otaru

Posted on: 28/09/20

The Value Proposition Crafter™ teaches you how to craft a clear, targeted value proposition in 3 simple steps so that you can successfully engage prospects and generate sales. The Value Proposition Crafter™ Do you have a product or service but you’re struggling to communicate its value to sales prospects? Are you unsure how to distinguish […]

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business expenses fast growing start-up doqaru

How to Track Business Expenses in a Fast-Growing Start-up


By: Pam Cheyne

Posted on: 24/03/20

As part of my role as Administration Manager at Doqaru, I help to track business expenses. It’s a role that our directors, Sarah and Yekemi, did themselves when they worked on their own. But as soon as they could afford to, they delegated this role. And I’m delighted to be the lucky winner of the […]

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Over 600,000 companies launch in the UK every year. This is an incredible number of businesses, many of which will develop a business plan at some point. But few of these businesses will plan for their exit. Whether you want to build a company that takes over the world or you want a lifestyle business […]

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