Understanding Your Sales Team & Revenue Potential

Did you know that 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact, but 12% of salespeople only make three contacts and then stop?


Are you looking to grow sales?

Do you want to know if you have the right people in the right roles?

Perhaps you want to know what your revenue potential is and if you can shorten your sales cycles, and how? 


“We help businesses with sales growth aspirations to assess, evaluate and develop sales talent through data-driven insights so that sales targets are achieved.”

Our Secret Sauce

We use a data-driven sales competency assessment to help our clients understand their current capability and how to achieve their revenue potential. The data-driven tools, developed over 25 years of research, have assessed over 2 million salespeople.

We can, therefore, answer the key questions Executives have about the sales performance in their organisations. We can

work with companies of all sizes and from all industries. Our experience of working with companies that have highly complex selling environments allows us to deeply understand your sales requirements and provide you with knowledge and insight.

“We made the decision to go through a Sales Evaluation with Doqaru and I never expected to gain as much insight as we did. The process has helped me to better understand my sales team, take a deeper look in to our sales management capabilities, supported company hiring decisions and identify areas for improvement and growth.”


Simon Gibb, Managing Director

Augean PLC

Sales/Sales Management Candidate Assessments

We work with organisations to hire the best candidate for a specific sales or sales management role. We do this by using data-driven tools to assess 21 core competencies. The tailor-fit criteria is built on the client company requirements and role specification. Adding this to your recruitment process will shorten the manual time you spend assessing candidates and provides predictive validation on who will perform and to what extent.

‘Not recommended’ candidates that were hired against our recommendation who failed within 6 months.
‘Recommended’ candidates who were hired and rose to the top half of their sales force within 12 months.

“I never even knew that it was possible to track sales competencies! Adding the assessment to my process has made it much faster, and I’m now spending time on the things that matter”


Executive Recruiter

Oil & Gas Services Company

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